Boulefkhad Confection

Website: Boulefkhad Confection (Site is only available in French language)

SNC BOULEFKHAD BROTHERS, by his experience and mastery is able to provide high quality products, carefully designed to meet your requirements with bargain price and reasonable delivery.

Our activities (About us):

1- the manufacture of professional clothing:

Medical Occupation: gowns doctor holding block-gowns-sheets-coverest mattress covers mattress (tissue and sky)
Outfits options: for: restaurateur-chef baker butcher plongeur- pâtissier-
Construction outfits: combination, work suits, outfits safety, working blouse, overalls, vests

2- masterful Dresses

3- Furniture and Bedding: curtains, mattress, duvet, pillow, covers, tablecloths and napkins, bathrobe, etc ..)

4- screen printing.

5- Safety Equipment (required waterproof, fire extinguishers, helmets, safety shoes, gloves)